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INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE OCCASION OF 10TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE POLISH GREEN ROOFS ASSOCIATION – Current status, problems and possibilities of implementation Green Infrastructure in modern cities with particular emphasis on green roof and living walls – It’s behind us!
Over 150 participants gathered at the Wrocław University Of Environmental And Life Sciences to listen 40 papers in the field of broadly understood green infrastructure.
Green roofs, living walls, retention, challenges and systems of green infrastructure, selection of plant species for green roofs, co-financing – these are main topics that have been repeated during the event and about this, among others our participants could listen! There were also examples of the implementation of green roofs and living walls – Mexico, Porto, Singapore, Istanbul, Wroclaw, Katowice and many other cities from around the world.
Thanks to such a rich and diverse subjects the conference attracted a lot of interest. The group of participants included landscape architects, architects, gardeners, scientists and specialists from around the world, representatives of City Halls, contractors, producers of technologies for green roofs and living walls. The entire conference was maintained in a relaxed, family atmosphere, which further helped event participants to make new contacts.
From this place, we would like to thank the participants and partners of our conference for participating in the event. Thank you very much for choosing our conference and for many thanks that are still coming to us. In anticipation of the next conference, we invite you to view photo report.
Marta Weber-Siwirska – chairman
Daniel Skarżyński – vice chairman, treasurer
Kamila Pawłowska – conference office
Justyna Rubaszek – member of the committee
Katarzyna Tokarczyk-Dorociak – member of the committee
Ewa Walter – member of the committee
Paulina Chyrc – member of the committee
Jarema Andrzej Rabiński – member of the committee
Krzysztof Wielgus – member of the committee
Jacek Poziemski – member of the committee
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